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Ask about our Ham, Bacon, Turkey, Rare Roast Beef and Chicken Breasts that are smoked on our premises.


T-Bone – Cut from the Shortloin, T-bone Steaks are great for barbeques, pan frying
Rumps – For best savings look for the whole rumps and ask our butchers our free slicing. Can be cut into steaks, roasts or stir fry for a variety of cooking options
Sirloin – The sirloin steak is a steak cut from the rear back portion of the animal, continuing off the short loin from which T-bone, porterhouse, and club steaks are cut.
Ribeye Cutlets – Scotch fillet on bone or single steak, ideal for the big steak lover.
Standing Rib Roast – Scotch fillet on bone or single steak, ideal for the big steak lover.
Porterhouse Steak – cut from the striploin. The versatile porterhouse are great for barbeques and can also be pan fried or grilled
BBQ Steak – A lean meat steak sourced from the blade, tenderized to suit barbeques and fry pans
Mince – At Daryl’s Gourmet Meats our mince is made from our grass fed premium meat for quality and taste which makes it a perfect choice for 97% fat free mince.


Pork Loin Chops – Perfect for barbeques or grilled
Rolled Leg Roast – A lean cut that makes a great tasting and healthy roast
Pork Cutlets – Cut from the loin, cutlets are ideal for barbeques, pan fry, grill or roast.
Pork Neck – This cut is extremely tender and juicy which make it great for roasts or pan frying.
USA Ribs – These are made up of small underworked muscles that cover the rib, which contributes to their delicious flavour. Great for barbecuing, after they have been marinated, is the best way to cook these.
Belly Fillets – Pork belly can be left in one piece for roasting or cut into strips to become pork spare ribs, pork fillets come from the pork loin very tender.
Spare Ribs – Pork belly can be left in one piece for roasting or cut into strips to become pork spare ribs .


Veal Roast – can come as either a shoulder roast or leg roast. Great for winter
Veal Schnitzel – sourced from the leg, used for the classic schnitzel
Veal Osso Bucco – cut from the leg bone, Osso Bucco are perfect for winter stews
Veal Cutlets – cut from the loin, this cut is lean and tender. These are great for barbeques or pan fried.
Veal Shanks (Shin) – from the leg bone beneath the knee, shanks are best prepared when slow cooked


Lamb Chops – can be cut from either the Chump, Forequarter, loin or neck. Chops are great either on the barbeque or on pan fry.
Lamb Roasts – A variety of roast cuts available great for all occasions
Leg of Lamb – another great roasting cut
Lamb shanks – from the leg bone beneath the knee, shanks are best prepared when braised
¼ Lamb shanks – for casseroles and stews
Lamb Cutlets – cut from the loin, this cut is Frenched, lean and tender and can be crumbed, These are great for barbeques or pan fried.

Sausages, Rissoles & Pies:

Sausages – Gluten Free with no preservatives, Traditional Thick and Thin, variety of chicken sausages, lamb & rosemary, Moroccan lamb, tasty lamb
Beef Sausages – Gluten Free with no preservatives, tomato onion, Worcestershire & cracked pepper, hot chorizo, Honey chilli and tabasco
Pork Sausages – tasty pork, think & thick Irish pork, variety of pork.
Rissoles – Gluten Free with no preservatives. Made from 100% pure beef mince with carrots, red onion & parsley. Bind with rice meal
Pies – Variety of family pies.


General Products:

Leg of Ham – Free range double smoked leg of ham.
Bacon & Eggs – Free range.
Milks & Cream – Udder farm premium Jersey full cream milk from the Hunter Valley.
Ice Cream – Ben & Jerry’s various flavours.
Try our smallgoods section – This includes Salumi Italian style Salami, Sobrasada, Guanciale, Lonza, Pancette Stesa Pepata and much more.
And a selection of condiments, sauces, pasta and oils.

We have a range of Gluten free Stocks and Sauces.


Irish Products:

Irish Pork – Range of traditional Irish pork.
Teas – We stock both Lyons and Barry’s teas.
Sauces – McDonnells Curry Sauce, Chefs.
Crisp & Scratchings – Tayto crisps cheese & onion.
Black & White Pudding – Clonakilty Traditional Irish Black or White Pudding.
Gammon Steak – Cut from boneless pork loin.
Gammon Rashers – Cut from boneless pork loin.
Boiling Bacon – A variety of prime cuts with all excess fat & sinew removed .
And a selection of Chef sauces, drinks & sweets.


South African Products:

Biltong – Gluten free. Biltong is a kind of cured meat that originated in South Africa. Many different types of meat are used to produce it, ranging from beef through game meats to fillets of ostrich from commercial farms.
Droëwors – Gluten free. Droëwors is a popular South African snack food, based on the traditional, coriander-seed spiced boerewors sausage.
Chilli Bites – Gluten free.


Check out our South African kosher range of
Spice rice and sauces.


Variety of Game Meat:

Crocodile tail – It is a succulent white meat with a delicious and unique flavour.
Venison – It has a flavor reminiscent of beef, but is richer and can have a gamey note. Venison tends to have a finer texture and is leaner than comparable cuts of beef.
Kangaroo meat – Kangaroo meat is stronger in flavour than the meat from commercially-raised food animals. It is considered to be tender. Minced (or ground) kangaroo meat may be substituted in dishes where minced beef would normally be used.
Emu meat – Emu meat taste similar to meat with very little difference but with high iron and low fat it makes a great meal.
Buffalo meat – Buffalo meat comes from young farmed buffalo that have been fed and managed specifically to produce very lean excellent quality meat. Buffalo can be slightly darker than beef with a stronger, gamier, meatier flavour.
Rabbit – Rabbit meat is white to pink in colour and is very tender and tasty as well as being high in protein. This meat suits all styles of cooking and can be easily braised, BBQ’d or roasted.